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December 24th, 2008

Know any queer rural zines? x-post (if this doesn't belong/breaks rules, sorry; tell me&I'll delete) @ 02:09 am

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Sorry if this doesn't belong here, but my friend Jenna (a.k.a. trashcan_chica) needs some help:

"does anyone know of any queer zines about living in rural areas or going to rural areas?

any help/pointing in the right direction would be amazing. i went through the whole Queer Zine Archive and couldn't really find anything.

jenna b

p.s. i just got a wordpress site, sassyfrasscircus.com!"

Her (AIM) away message also says: "is looking for zines about/by members of radical queer ANTI-URBAN communities, so if you know of any..."

So please comment if you can help at all; thanks. :]


December 18th, 2008

Lady scouts! earn your online holiday crafting badge! @ 03:53 pm

Okay, okay I suck. I've been trying to be more active in the community but as soon as I think I have a free moment one of my children starts making some sort of noise or mess that I have to attend to..

but! I submit to you!

a badge.
Okay okay, so its not the most awesome badge ever. quite simple and well, the colors sorta suck, but I was in a HURRY dudes.

I have a few others that I've been working on in my free seconds.
my idea was...
you post pictures (or descriptions, tutorials, etc) of your holiday crafts here in the community and YOU TOO can post this fancy schmancy badge whereever you like. On your myspace page, in your LJ profile.. wherever.
of course, if you're savvy you could steal it anyway and post it wherever you like, but WHATS THE FUN IN THAT?!

okay, maybe I'm not making sense.

but, here are some holiday crafts I've done this year:
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November 7th, 2008

Hooray? @ 06:26 pm

Hello Ladyscouts!

I've been lurking for a while and always feel sorta crappy about it. I WANT to get involved, but I just SUCK.
Okay okay, I feel like I have some pretty valid excuses, like that I have a 2 year old, a 2 month old, and some seriously crippling social phobias , and SAD to boot.

So, I've been thinking, for a while now even.. that I would love to start some online activity for any ladyscouts that would like that sort of thing, like... maybe other people are too busy or too shy to hit all the crafternoons and such but want to feel like they are still ladyscouting it up, ya know?

I was hoping of getting a good resource list of online crafts together at some point, a link page or what not... we could all add to it, it'd be fun! There's soo very many great tutorials and such out there...

These are my somewhat Ladyscout related goals for the month of November.
1. Finish two projects for every one I start. (this is somewhat self defeating, but important going into Holiday crafting season).
2. try out a new technique or skill. (If I dont get to trying a new one I'll count this as my new technique although I've used it before but this time I used a different medium. ((white and dark chocolate with colored white chocolate done in the same way that one would do a FBC)) )
3. try a new recipe, one new one weekly if possible, but I'd settle for just 1 or 2 this month)
4. maybe write a tutorial for something I know how to do so I can share the love with the nets.

Do you all make goals like this?

If this is totally inappropriate, feel free to delete, I just want to interact with all you fine lady scouts in the way most easy for me at this time...

October 26th, 2008

October Crafternoon pics @ 08:00 pm

Just finished up another excellent afternoon/evening of crafty goodness.
glitterpunkin worked on her ghost pumpkin.
I completed a series of ATCs which I can't decide if I'm going to mail them or randomly leave them places. I'm leaning towards the random ATC drop just because the idea of people randomly finding a card and going "WTF?" delights me.

Anywho, here's a few pics I took tonight.

Cross-posted to my personal journal.

July 21st, 2008

July 20th, 2008

Hoopin it! @ 01:47 pm

Lovely Lady Scouts making their own hula hoops!


July 6th, 2008

Lady Scouts! @ 02:04 pm

Home Sewn Re-usable Grocery Shopping Bag Workshop
Sponsored by the Vancouver Food Cooperative

Date: Saturday, July 12th
Time: 1:30 to 5:00 p.m.
Location: Clark County Genealogical Society,
717 Grand Boulevard, Vancouver
(one block south of Mill Plain, behind the International Air Academy)

Instructors: Barbara and Dotty of Columbia River Sewing, the
Portland, Oregon, chapter of the American Sewing Guild.

Contact: Carol, caframe8...@yahoo. com

Required Materials: 3/4 yard of fabric/recycled cloth suitable for a
carrying bag, 30-inch by 45-inch minimum size. Your fabric should be
flat, ironed, for easy handling.

Optional Materials: Rulers/tapes, scissors, pins, sewing machine
Skill Required: Beginners welcome
Class size is limited to 20, so preregistration is required. There is
no charge for this class. There will be some sewing machines provided
for those who
are not able to bring a machine. You are encouraged to
bring your own if you wish to do so.

Beginner or expert, join us as we learn how to recycle cloth into a
practical usable new item. Help the earth, eliminate plastic bags
(and save that plastic tree!)

June 27th, 2008

Lady Scouts Workshop @ 02:31 pm

We are holding a workshop to help develop some badges to complete. Please meet Sunday the 29th @ 3:30pm in Esther Short Park by the clock tower. Bring a snacky item to share and a notebook to collect your ideas! If you can't make this event, do not worry because we are planning another one like it in the future!! Hope to see some of you on Sunday!

June 8th, 2008

Important Upcoming Events! @ 04:33 pm

his just in! Ladyscout events and opportunities are not only imminent but they are planned and concrete, set in stone even! Here are all the details:

Recycled Arts Festival & Ladyscouts badge and goal setting workshop:
When: Sunday, June 29th, Festival begins at 10am, workshop is 3:30pm-5:30pm.
Where: Esther Short Park in Vancouver, meet next to clock tower.
What: Check out great artists, DIY-ers and musicians at the Recycled Arts Fest on Saturday and Sunday, while the wonderful Vancouver Farmer's Market is going on adjacent to the park. On Sunday afternoon, bring a journal/notebook and some snacks to share for our first ever Ladyscouts visioning and goal setting workshop. Fellow scouts will lead us through exercises, writing prompts and discussions that help uncover some hidden and not-so-hidden goals and life lists. We plan to leave the workshop with at least one personal badge plan so you can start scouting right away! Bring a friend who might be interested.
Vancouver Recycled Arts Fest Information

To Esther Short Park = View Larger Map

Ladyscout Hoop Dreams Party
When: Friday July 18th, 7pm-until total exhaustion.
Where: Lovely Ladies of Curtis Ave (now with 100% more DJ May Day)
7513 N Curtis Avenue, Portland Or 97217
What: Hoop there it is! Inspired by sister Ladyscout Dolly's Life List goal to include more hula hooping in her life, we bring you Hoop Dreams. We will be making our own super awesome adult-sized Hoops and then competing in a hooping contest. The stakes: a crazy awesome Hula Hooping trophy!
Bring: Materials fee, $5. Potluck food and drinks. Friends!
Note: Everyone is welcome to attend and participate in Hoop Dreams, Ladyscouts and non-Ladyscouts alike. However, only pledged Ladyscouts will be eligible to receive our very first Shared Experience badge, which will be amazingly cool.

Other events, such as a general Ladyscouts meeting, possible car wash fundraiser, group hikes and craft nights are TBA and forthcoming.

We need volunteers! If you'd like to help make these things happen, give April a call at 360 713-3179.

Make it yourself, Make it together, Ladyscouts make it happen! Happy Summer!

May 28th, 2008

Lady Scouts Event Idea @ 04:21 pm

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Hey everyone! I have an idea for an even that would coincide with Vancouver's Recycled Arts Festival June 27-29.
It is going to be a visioning/goal-setting workshop and potluck picnic at Esther Short Park. I am at a wedding reception on the 28th from 1-4pm, so I was thinking Sunday. Noon on Sunday? 2pm? I am not sure what is exactly going down for that recycled arts thingy. Let me know what you think about times for Sunday the 29th.
Would anybody like to help me plan this?

uh-nita, will you cross post pleeeeeeeeeze?

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