Lady Scouts

Scout it out!

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Guerilla Scouting for Adventurous Women
"Do you want to be a grown up girl scout? But the kind of girl scout that likes to get a badge while singing karaoke or drinking a home brew and hiking around? How about a Lady Scout... Awww Yeah. Here we are world!

We can go on trips, earn badges, do art projects, hang out, bake stuff, learn about stuff, make a zine. Make some friends, and have random fun!

Let's email about it, have a meeting and set up troops. Bonfires? Macrame beer cozies? Guerilla badge making parties? Scavenger Hunt? Tree House stocked with feminist literature? Lady Scouts aims to make these things and more a reality. According to this pack of real ladies in portland OR and beyond, there is now something amazing between girl scouts and the red hat society."

-April, originator of Lady Scouts